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“I want to make an update regarding our Christmas Holidays giveaway having 1x key of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 alongside with 1x key of Monster Hunter World. The promotion from ASUS Romania is no longer available and we have a invalid key. We only have the promotion from NVIDIA however I still want to give-away 1x key of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 with 1x key of Monster Hunter World but I am changing the rules and the game here. Until 25th of December 2018 I want to see so many shares, comments, subscribes, likes, follows on every platform of social media network having the club’s name and image. I will make sure to check you while you have entered again the giveaway for Holidays 2018. Good luck because you will need it!” 

— Andrei Macovei, Golden Vipers Founder & CEO


1 post comment with #GOVIPERS click here

1 post like click here

1 post share click here

1 like on our facebook page click here

1 follow on our twitter page click here

1 subscribe on our youtube channel click here

1 follow on our twitch channel click here

1 follow on our Instagram page click here

1 entering in our steam community group click here

1 comment with #GOVISANTA at this news post to let us know that you have entered this giveaway;

After you complete all requirements please let at least one comment at this topic from the official website;

To become a legit entry you must have the same names on every social media platform network, if this will not be the case then your entry will not be validated so the giveaway will not be given. The rules must be respected by everyone. No excuses. No exceptions. No spams. We will check your entry once per day so stay freeze 🥶 ☃️ – “Not eSports makes people, but people makes eSports”


A closer chance in winning – 1x key with CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 4 on for PC;

1x key with MONSTER HUNTER WORLD on steam for PC.

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