POSTED BY GoldenVipersOfficials January 3, 2019 in NEWS
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Tonight we are really proud to announce our continuously year-to-year since 5th of July, 2014. We keep moving forward, a new year, a new number no matter what we don’t give up and we rise above hate especially our C.E.O. Andrei Macovei, he stands up for something and stands up for us as a gaming club. It’s all about eSports. He believes in this vision of Golden Vipers era.

And I quote “To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing. RISE ABOVE HATE.” — John Cena

“Every single thing I do, I do it with a big passion, I do it for free, I do not ask for something in return… You can hate me or love me I will keep doing this all night. I do believe that I am the best graphic designer Golden Vipers had and always will have because when I’ve started all of this I never had that chance to think that it would take more than just one year long. I always will be very very grateful to every single representer of with no help from them Golden Vipers would mean nothing todays… Why I am inspired by someone like John Cena or even Randy Orton well because since 2007 I do love watching pro wrestling and I love the scripts, that entertainment where all can enjoy watching, listening, writting, visiting. Yeah maybe there are some fictions but it hurts, accidents hurts I’ve experienced on my skin and I know how it feels so there is no fake in pro wrestling. For anyone who thinks that pro wrestling is a fake sport well he definitely is a troll over social media and/or in public… I am inspired also to wear a special dog tag that would mean my own creation so on my dog tag are two things – 1. my real name which is not so special and 2. my website link as text; Thank you for your visits and I wish you the very best in every aspect you may stand for. #GoVipers ” “YOUR TIME IS UP, MY TIME IS NOW”

— Andrei Macovei, Golden Vipers Founder & CEO