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Date: 15-03-2018

Objective: GOVI Energy Drinks Project by GOLDENVIPERS.COM

Dear investor/sponsor,

I am writing to you because I am in financial difficulty at this time and I require financial assistance. I have been struggling financially for almost 3 years and I have tried several options for financial help. However I have been unsuccessful and therefore I am writing  this letter. There are a few reasons why I am in this current situation (it is a matter of time until I will be able to invest money in GOVI Energy Drinks project, a brand new extension regarding GOLDENVIPERS.COM its name and image). At this time it is impossible for me being able to invest money because of personal issues. You can reach me at: for more information. I would very much appreciate your help in any way you can, and you can contact me directly on the contact details written above. Thank you for taking the time to consider my situation and I look forward to hear from you as soon as possible.” – This is the letter from our C.E.O. Andrei Costin Macovei


As you can see here is an example which The Board of Directors of GOLDENVIPERS.COM wants to expand the brand in a very detailed Golden Vipers Energy Drinks concepts.



Please email us to:
You can include your own brand as sponsor if applicable.


For every sponsor appilication our Board of Directors will share the 2014-2016 Marketing Desk. pdf electronic document with full statistics and details.


For every team or player application make sure first you read all of our rules which includes the following: COCTAC and TRIALS; If you will be on the failed trials panel do not waste our time. We made it especially to the public to let them know what we do not recommend. Having VAC BAN warns and other violations is restricted and is against our standards.

This guide is designed to give teams or individuals players the best possible chance at creating a successful joining application, and relies on there being both the desire and resources to create the best possible document.

You may want to include full twitch or youtube livestream statistics individually in this professional PDF presentation. Your presentation MUST be in English language only because having an English presentation gives you the best possible chance of someone being able to digest it properly.

Where possible use numbers, charts, or infographs to convey your message and support your text



Golden Vipers players should compete/trying to qualify to big events like ESL ONE. The bigger event it is, the bigger achievement for the teams that competes under the name and image of GOLDENVIPERS.COM and at last, bigger support from the sponsors and/or partners.



Do not expect, request and/or demand that your team’s achievements to be erased from Golden Vipers history after leaving the club. As long as you brought the respective achievement under the logo of GOLDENVIPERS.COM we will not tolerate this type of behaviour. Your team is allowed to share the team’s achievements history using our name as long as it is professional meaning no disrespect, no false statements or anything else that may hurt the image of GOLDENVIPERS.COM.

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