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Why product sponsorship?

As a club GOLDENVIPERS.COM aims to get a lot of teams in CSGO / DOTA 2 / LEAGUE OF LEGENDS / OVERWATCH / PUBG and provide product reviews for the sponsors so we both grow together.

Why brand support?

In order to become very unique you must accept any type of opportunity (smaller or bigger no matter what and how it is). GOLDENVIPERS.COM wants to get involved in promotions, to help people, to know people, to make a bigger friendzone with gamers worldwide.

Why travel assistance?

It is very expensive to travel and it is very important to attend as many competitions and events as possible. It depends on the league where the teams are competing.

Why product development?

GOLDENVIPERS.COM officials believes in making good quality progress and to win big matches. GOLDENVIPERS.COM needs to test any product. This process is a long range and is a valuable instrument and important one to have a direct impact on the technology industry.

Why cash sponsorship?

GOLDENVIPERS.COM wants to see its teams and players to thrive into eSports industry and does offer free opportunities to everyone who wants to become a professional player.

Have questions about us?

If you have any questions, please send an email to: press@goldenvipers.com