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No matter who you are if you will be disrespectful to GOLDENVIPERS.COM and to the entire community you will be kicked out within the organisation because the rules exists to be respected.

To become part of GOLDENVIPERS.COM you must wear the avatar and set up the “goldenvipers.com” link at your steam profile name. Advertise, post (on social media), act like an official GOLDENVIPERS.COM member as long as you are willing to join us and prove that you deserve to join our organisation.

Be professional, polite and respect every single GOLDENVIPERS.COM member, unofficial and/or official ones. We will not tolerate any inappropiate expressions or behaviour.

Focus on the progress so you can become one of GOLDENVIPERS.COM officials.

Since you join GOLDENVIPERS.COM you must act and react for the benefit of the club.

Be patient and work hard to earn your place in the club and do not expect to get anything for free (GOLDENVIPERS.COM official contracts, sponsorships as money, access to gaming houses, food, transport traveling to majors (in most cases the leagues are offering team travels and if is not the case will become supported only by the sponsors of GOLDENVIPERS.COM), GOLDENVIPERS.COM official apparel (tshirts, coffee mugs, hoodies, jerseys, etc.); If you want to go to professional stage everything must be earned by you and only you meaning that you will not get anything for free, no payment, nothing; If you as the CSGO team will help the organisation to get the best sponsors offering best deals between them and GOLDENVIPERS.COM, from that point the organisation will invest in your team under the image of GOLDENVIPERS.COM. By achieving that you as CSGO team must be competing (online at least), get big activity in the csgolounge.com and in Majors like (ESEA Main, Cevo Main, ESL Major, ELEAGUE, etc.) or any other big league where the players and the organisation along with its sponsors and partners will be promoted in the best way possible.

Work with your managers and your team mates so you as a player can grow and become in time professional.

You must not expect that our organisation to pay your team’s fee per month because it depends only of your CSGO team level. If the organisation will pay your fees then the organisation must take its ROI (Return of Investment) back.

Every single member of GOLDENVIPERS.COM, unofficial and/or official ones must have a social network including the following: Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, Instagram. By having a social network with fans following you as a public person, you must promote the club as the best you can.

The Executive Office will be monitoring each teams, each players activity as long as they respect and understand our TAC (Terms and Conditions) system.

Show us that you enjoy eSports and you want to achieve impossible goals so we can do the impossible to possible together.

You must be very active on GOLDENVIPERS.COM TeamSpeak3 official server powered by HOSTHAVOC.COM.

To get recruited by one of official members from GOLDENVIPERS.COM you must create a professional PDF file presentation with each and every single one member of your own CSGO team, so much information regarding the achievements of the team, team history, team member ages, team member avatars and/or pictures with the faces. Do you want to achieve the professional stage ? Here is your chance doing that by joining GOLDENVIPERS.COM. First act and behave like professionals.

Individually as team mates everyone must have good system specifications to run smooth the CSGO, must have a fanbase (on twitter/R, facebook/R, instagram /NR, youtube or twitch/R).

Players playing for GOLDENVIPERS.COM are not allowed to be under contract and/or under contact with other organisations or eSports clubs. If this will be the case your team will get kicked out within the organisation.

If you are in testing trial periods regarding GOLDENVIPERS.COM official recruitment and if you will not pass through testing trial periods, going live on social media like Twitch and/or Youtube, posting on Twitter/Facebook and talking unwelcomed words, claims and/or false statements defamatory to GOLDENVIPERS.COM, the officials have all the rights to make you silent (legally speaking). GOLDENVIPERS.COM will institute legal proceedings in court.

Do not push GOLDENVIPERS.COM officials to their limits, you must understand that the management behind GOLDENVIPERS.COM as image, takes its time to think, act and react depending on the situation (minimum 12 hours).

Everyone who tries to go in the testing trial periods for GOLDENVIPERS.COM must support its sponsors/partners as well as the club with subscribes, likes, shares, follows because it is a sign of respect, it is a sign of being professional and it is a sign of having dignity.


Everything that can be seen on GOLDENVIPERS.COM the Board of Directors from GOLDENVIPERS.COM are able to update any category, any rule, everything without announcing official on social media so please pay attention. DO NOT blame anyone as GOLDENVIPERS.COM officials that you did not pay attention to the updates by any means necesarry. This is not permanent, will be updated and you must keep an eye in every aspect of what GOLDENVIPERS.COM stands for.


For professional PDF file presentation sharing please sent it at press@goldenvipers.com or andrei@goldenvipers.com and it can take up minimum 1/2 weeks until a decision will be made.


Make sure you read all these informations because at some point maybe any staff of GOLDENVIPERS.COM will ask you about it, about some quotes from everywhere you see GOLDENVIPERS.COM brand.


Even if you are an outsider, hater you should take care what you are speaking about. Any type of claim that includes GOLDENVIPERS.COM will be taken into the consideration of defamation. Legally speaking GOLDENVIPERS.COM officials will sue each and everyone who DOES NOT take responsibility of what is said over social media and to the public.

Published on October 8th 2017

Edited on March 16th 2018